The Van'Mor'ri Line

Created this page on:November 5th, 2004

Everyone On the net who has a vampyric website, are/is always looking for the mythos about where the first real vampyres came from. Folklore and today's gothic subculture has made "vampyric" things very cool, thanks today's media, books, romance novels, websites, clothing, games and more.

Every website has something different about where they think or believe vampyres too have originally came from, making real vampyres scoff. Some of us don't know where we originally came from or how, some of us don't care or want too know. Some do not look beyond their closet full of black clothing and dressers full of black eyeliner and eyeshadow.

However for those that do want too know it's important we address the Van'mor'ri or "People of the Essance", a vampyric wyldefromi family that lived in Fra'karian times in the Northern City/Realm of Grael. If you are looking for roleplaying/lifestyling vampyres, this is not the website for you.

The Wyldefromi (Weeld-fremie), are elves from Grael. They were a warrior, shapeshifting people with earth-toned green auras and those of nature toned auras. They were natural healers, and when I say shapeshifter I do not mean werewolves or therian/lycan related things, for their are many kinds of shapeshifting, so let me go into that now.

Is accomplished when one's essance can manipulate that which is around them, either energy, or their own "material/physical" form.\par Those that are Lycans are animal-kin that look like normal everyday people who have one chosen form of which animal they are: wolves, cats, birds, etc. A Shapeshifter however can shapechange into any form, or blend with their surroundings and can "melt" into the land around them. This takes serious disclipine of the mind too hold the shift into what they wish too change into, and or melt into around them. Shapeshifting is a form of Glamour, which is a wyldefromi and fra'kar (fray-car) [Elves & Faeries from Grael] and Glamour is achieved when one manipulates energy in the air around them and or pushes their own energy out around them. Some faeries sites speak about Glamour-bombing. Glamour-bombing is when that particular Fra'kar uses her energy too mass attract people too him or her and or mass-avert people away from them. On Vampyre sites this is known as using Presence/Attracting/aversion.

Now that I have touched on Shapechanging/shifting I can tell more about the Van'mor'ri (Vi mor'rye), as stated they are a particular family of wyldefromi who had the first vampyric traits. They are very akin too the Strigoi Vi Family of vampyres that are from Romania.These traits are different than just pranic and psychic vampyrism (The drinking of blood and siphoning of emotional and other energies too maintain one's on vampyric soul and vampyric material/physical form.) They do drink blood for the purpose of taking energies, and they do siphone raw energies such as psychic/emotional and other energies for the same purpose. However Van'mor'ri are capable of producing naturally born or latent born vampyric children who draw energy from childbirth onward. Back when I was pregnant, I went around too several vampyric message boards and asked if any "vampyric moms" were around. I asked them questions like "Where their kids vampyric or did they show any vampyric signs?" Now if they were truly vampyres, it seems that what grows in a vampyric body would also inhabit vampyric traits. This has been the same with my child who is now over a year old. Never was any of these questions answered, go figure eh?

The Van'Mor'ri seem too have a status amoung them where other vampyres steer clear of them, because they are a different breed of "vampyres". They have the same abilities, as basics but have a progressed or advanced list of other abilities as well that regular psyvamps and pranics are not familar with.

Traits they have along with Strigoi Vi Vampyres:

  • Advanced Basics like Telepathy, Claivoyancy and Empathy
  • Dream Magicks
  • Shapechanging (astrally or physically) (Not as physically shifting in an animal. I mean shapeshifting their essance for mere moments into shadows, darkness, into things like flames, other people, and the so on. This can be done for a few minor seconds. Like say you are with friends and you suddenly hold your aura in so theyd o not pay attention too you, and then you let it out, and they ask you where you went.)
  • Bi and Tri location via astral travel (physically awake but astral spirit is across the room looking at your conscience physical body)
  • Sense Life (Can tell if alone in room/house/area by hearing/can sense unborn children)
  • Abhorance of Daylight (Prefer too travel in late evening hours) (Can go in the sun..Just would prefer not too because of the way they look..deader than usual)
  • Dark or Striking Presence (Aura on high level at all times)
  • High Interest or degree of Occultic Study or Training
  • Can Perform Weather Magicks
  • Give birth too Purebloods (Latent vampyres)

    The basic abilities they do have like clairvoyance and telepathy and empathy are very high grade abilities, and can quickly frustrate a regular psyvamp whose abilites are not that surpassed or strong. With dream magicks, by this I mean they could appear in your dreams where the dreamscape turns too what they choose it too be, usually a seduction of some sort or perhaps an important meeting. Therefore dreams themselves turn into lucid dreaming - you are asleep but are conscious of what your doing and sometimes doing something "astral". They can also mirror-walk while asleep. This is an odd thing too experience and entails walking astral through a full length mirror (too which you can not see your reflection while you step into the mirror, either!) How I got from one mirror too another while mirror-walking is beyond me, but everytime I would step out somewhere in my own parallel world. I was told in the dream just too be careful how long I mirror-walked, that when my astral energy started too "blink" I needed too return too my physical body and awaken from dreaming, or I'd get "stuck" in the mirror.

    With the bi and tri location, I had this experience of being physically awake and having my astral spirit be connected too my mind and body but also be across the room or across town for brief spurts of time. Being tri located is the same, but that is where you produce a clone of your astral self and you are You, your astral and astral clone no. 2 all doing something together at the same time. Again this takes a very disclipined effort. With The Sense Life ability I am able too tell upon waking if there is anyone else in my home, or if the neighbors on either side of me are lurking on their porches. Also with this ability I can tell if someone is telling the truth about being pregnant or not, and I've had too use this ability too be aware if family members who have been in a coma had awakened from it or passed on, etc.

    With The Dark and or striking presence, I am able too gather energy around me and swirl it around my body so noone would mess with me, we can also swirl the energies so fast we can throw it at said person, as ball of energy. With the abhorances too daylight, it is not because we will explode or burn up too a crispy critter, no vampyre will explode in the sunlight, we have abhorances too daylight because for one we don't look very "normal", we are paler, we are more eerie and spooky, we have a freakish style of beauty due too high presence or glamour and we are liable too cause traffic snarls and wrecks. The other reason is because the sun makes our eyes stream water, especially if we just rolled out of bed ten minutes ago. We can and do go out into the daylight even though it slows all vampyres down and we have too take frequent breaks, when at the sun's lowest we don't have too do this nor at night.

    With Earth's daylight sky there is something about how light is bent in our atmosphere, and how it travels that reaks havoc on our eyes, because the moon is also lit with the sun's rays, but the sky is darker then. The same way of a bright room,we do not respond well too any bright light. Especially Hallogen. Merf. It is because our eyes tend too see on their own with our psychic powers magnifying our sight. Therefore we like too avoid daylight if we can.

    As Vampyres we crave constant study and interests in magicks of all kinds and occultic training and study. Things like meditation, incense making, incense oil making, telekinesis, psychekinesis, these two are, TK: is moving an object with the will of your mind, PK is: manipulating an electric or mechnical object with the will of your mind (blowing light bulbs with your mind, or unpopping car locks because you've locked your keys in the car). That's why allot of vampyric and occultic ability is stressed that training and study is important and why such allot of this is being lost because allot of vampyric people think drugs are cool because they make you feel good and make you all dopey when this is not good for your vampyric mind. If you waste your mind on drugs you can't use it for spiritual devolpment.

    I practice regularly with my staff. I use my mind and shapeshift my conscience mind into the staff. I become the staff, and by mind will alone the staff stands straight up on a flat surface, when the poor old thing is bent up and isn't naturally straight and won't stay upright without my shapeshift into it. I also shapeshift into elements like earth, water, fire and air and spirit. By atoning my mind with the earth I can understand it's own language, and the same with the other elements. It also gives your spirit a very peaceful, restful feeling. I meditate every night. I take a hot bath and soak, I light two candles and pour in bath salts and my own homemade bubble bath. I meditate my stress away and I sleep better at night and I am less stressed out and depressed during the day.

    I spar with bamboo sticks, this works out your body and your mind. I also write these "lessons". It helps me too teach others what I know about, and it helps me too stay focused on my chosen path because lately I have had allot of wolves snapping at my feet trying too tell me I am NOTHING. I almost let them succeed in this. I lost myself, lost what my purpose was, and forgot the real reason I am here. But, I've got it back again. Sometimes we all get lost. The mundanes of society do not want you too win. They are trying too kill your body and your mind and spirit. But Mama Goddess is always here, and her children are here too help you. So you've got too get up now and brush yourself off and learn too live again. We are all warrior people. We all have the fight within us. That means that there is always a 50/50 chance we are winning. If they are trying so hard too tell you that you are nothing, then they must see something in you that is saying you have purpose and you are winning. They are brainwashed and deeply confused. They don't know what they are doing or going, and they want too take you with them. Don't let them succeed in that. You are you and unique for a reason. You are an otherkin, damn it.

    Now, get up, flit your tails in the air, wipe off your paws, dry those tears off your whiskers, prick up your furry ears, shake the snow off your furcoat, spread those wings, glamour-bomb and ROAR....