Shi'ri Memories

September 26th, 2004

I. Shi'ri is pronounced as Shee-righ, it means "elders". The Shi'ri are a Dragon, Celestari, Fra'kar and Wyldefromi based Race. Mostly all of them are attuned with Storm Elements and are very adapt at weather magicks. From winter storms and it's elements too spring and summer storms and it's elements. Like Fra'kar make sure the seasons change on time, Shi'ri make sure the seasons storms come into play and too pass. Thier homes were In Isyr, outside of The White Palace, where they lived as a Race. No outsider was allowed amoung them, the main branch of Shi'ri had too be pure Shi'ri, with no hybrid elements. (no Fra'kar, wyldefromi, etc.) All of the hybrid forms, or those with enough power too change their forms lived at Fhildefehn. Which meant "Forest Home or Forest Haven" in rough translation. I also remember "home of the living Glade" as being a translation. Their were standing stones of Amehyst granite in the entrance too the glade, First one of the King, Lord Therian, and during the first age Li'riel Ti'rien'thiel, during the second age, Anara Lotherian.

II. Marriage and Bindings In Fhildefehn/Isyr

It is important too discuss the presence of the Fra'kar women in the first ages in this section. They were rulers over their families. The Shi'ri males however gave their surname too their binded (marriage). It is important too also make known that if you were a high-born Shi'ri (born with no hybrid counterparts) your surname did not change as with Li'riel Ti'rien'thiel and Lord Therian (King and Queen of Fhildefehn during the first age), but if you were made Shi'ri or acquired some hybrid counterparts you were given the male Shi'ri surname at your binding.

It is also important too add here that Li'riel and Therian were never binded in The Rites of Ala'ret'lasa. The discovering and making of one's forever twinflame. However, soulmate, and twinflame is not the right words. There is a Deeper word for what The Rites make, and the otherkin community hasn't begun too see or feel that kind of bond or power yet. I am looking for something like Chakra Bonded, because it accompanies and joins together your body, your blood and your spirit all together at once and when both of you reincarnate it automatically reborns itself. It goes past the soulmate, soultwin and twinflame and soul-bonded levels. Resonance is the word in translation. (Des'tai ni're'diel'n'tie'r) (Harmony in totality?)

Exhibit This: Levels of Soul Structure and the Keys of Union

IIa. I think a soulmate is someone who is akin too you that can be sent too you too train or teach you for a while in time, or down through specific ages. You can love them and they can love you but it is never a complete translation of your total spirit.

IIb. A soultwin is a sibling akin too you, such as a otherkin sibling you had in the past that was of your race. Not nessecarly part of your soul as is understood, but someone of your race, thus giving you the possibility of also more than one soultwin, like your soulmate.

IIc. A twinflame, not your total other half which is commonly misunderstood as such but someone that seems too be like a Guardian of your soul that will eventually led you on too your Harmony union, if that makes sense. This is just my theory, as I encountered by twinflame and he did not complete me as usually mentioned on soul energy websites and new age sites, "looking for the perfect bliss". I think you come too them and your soul reaches a certain level too where you can find your Des'tai partner, because I have encountered mine and it led me too redefine the soul learning and structure as it was currently known. Maybe it is because I am otherkin; and regular mundunes do not have Des'tai partners, or maybe I am the only one in this boat, because I don't remember anyone going through the bindings of marriage like I did at that time.

IId. The Destai'ed/Dai'Chi'ed (Day-chay-ah/ai): Two people who were binded in The Rites of Ala'ret'Lasa - a bonding that can never be terminated UNLESS those two spirits were too totally be blinked out of existance. (at the same time) True existing Harmony resonating between two people. These two are seperate people and not one whole, they do not form one whole but the powers they hold between them creates a permenant bond and power for the greater purpose of something lacking in their general area or universal. Here anything can be achieved, anything can be forgiven. True love on a blinding intensity can be felt and shared by both equally at the sametime. Gee whiz, Batman! It is a bond that can never be severed by any magick, by any physical means, by any distance, as long as these two spirits are still in existance, nevermind if these spirits are in a physical flesh body or not aka incarnate. Anywhere that they are resonating they will resonate until they track each other down and allow true destiny too take its course and place in their lives. They have no control over what is happening too them and neither one can deny what they are feeling. They are Harmony, They are true love, they are a gift, no power, no force no shadow, black or light magick can thrive againest them. They overcome all obstacles, no blade will be broken againest their union. Might as well give up and go home honey, in other words.

Marry Me In The Clouds, Where The Living Forest Lies

Alas, and so goes the dream of the Shi'ri. In this section I will attempt too discuss the Rites of Ala'ret'Lasa, and cover some interesting points on magickal kin and their outlook on blood magicks down through the first two ages. First of all, in the First age When the Fra'kar ruled in their respective cities and before the fall of the first age and the Kestar Wars; it was forbidden too drink of the blood of another magickal being. Consuming lifeforce was considered the ultimate taboo and no-no. However there was a Family of wyldefromi who were of The Van'morri in Grael, which means "people of the essance". They settled in Grael but were not originally from there. They lived in a village outside the palace or forests called The NeverEnding Village, or The Place of NeverEnding. They are without any doubt in my mind the First Vampyres in tetotal existance. All you Riceans listen well, this predates your "egyptian vampyr theories" and totally should also eclipse the rumors of the first vampyres being in Romania.

However, The Van'morri (Van-Mor-rye) are like the Strigoi Vampires mentioned in some Gypsy and Romanian lore, combined with what's known of most pranic and psychic vampyrism today. However, which is also known about most true vampyres, The Van'morri could travel in the late daylight hours, could control weather, could call on the powers of night, could shapechange (because of the wyldefromi in their blood) and read thoughts and emotions, etc. These are the first family of vampyres and from what I know they had four children. I think they committed (or at least some of them did) the taboos and gave others their blood in attempt too control and gain power over said person, which again, taboo, taboo, taboo. However, in the second age, after the first fall, The Shi'ri Mages used blood in their marriage rites. There are from what I understand of that race three types of marriage bonding amoung them.

The First is a Slave bonding: If you are a hybrid of some type (as no true shi'ri high born woman could be made a slave of her people) and you caught some mage's eye, he could basically take you as a slave.

Upon you would he put two Ether binding, magickally enchanted braceletts on your wrists that would somehow get into your bloodstream, and therefore take over your mind that said master was the one you were for. Also his magickal binding too you was wrong, and he is not the one you were made for, but your body and blood and mind doesn't know that. Shi'ri mages were extreme Illusionists, what you appear too see and feel is true, but truth is not always appearance.

The Second marriage rite is that of a High-Born Shi'ri female and that of a High Born Shi'ri Male. However they do not have too be binded too each other, nor are they lovers. They just decree and see too the needs of their people, and basically have a soultwin type connection because they are the same kind of race.

The Third kind of Marriage is the true marriage: The Rites of Ala'ret'Lasa. It can be between two hybrids as long as as both of them are Shi'ri in some form. The Rites create something very beautiful and sacred between two people, too be cherished and felt as long as both spirits are incarnate at the same time on the same plane. Their union is like total comfort and completion, it is like all the keys of union are inserted into their locks and turned and that soul finally knows a home in that other person who is finding home in you.

Here is what I remember of the ritual: I faced my love and he faced me. In his left hand he held a magickally enchanted dagger, the blade was made of Ether, and it had spiral designs and heiroglyphs on the blade that said something in The Shi'ri Glyph Language. We stood inside this Shi'ri circle which looked too be made up of a raced soul energies, ours. First he blessed the elements, and outside the circle a storm began too build, a summer storm full of lighting, thunder, wind and hail, everything beautiful, but deadly at once. Once he had invoked the elements, the four Guardians (which are like today's four corners in witchcraft), he invoked our chakra energies too fill the circle we stood on with their light. When the circle glowed with light and pulsed and resonated around us with an incredible intensity, he took my left hand, put the dagger in his right hand, and joined my left hand with his left hand and drew our blood in a crosscut across both thumbs. We let our blood flow until it dropped down into the circle of soul energy below us, after that the circle became a living, breathing thing, and he then (as is a shi'ri ability) one is able too physically step out of their waking body, and be astrally and physically consciencous and wakened too what's going on around them. (it's known amoung some vampyres today as tri-location) So our Astral spirits were beside us, our soul energy and blood let out onto the circle.

Then begin the spellrite itself: "My Blood for Your Blood, My Spirit within You, My Flesh is Your Flesh, My Mind Is Your Mind, Our Spirits are One. Blood, Spirit, Flesh With This Vow, It is Done I am Yours Forever, As You Are Mine."

Of Course, the words have been translated too english and was done in the Shi'ri Language, which I don't have right now, I only have a little bit of it. My Gift I am able too remember the memories, hear or see the script in my head and then bring the english words out. After that vow was given a beautiful peace descended and I did not know any other kind of stress or pain for a very long time. I was as a spirit goes, in total harmony and completion. Never had I felt so loved, and never had I loved another so much. There are really no words too describe the feeling of what a Des'tai union gives you, and should you be lucky enough too find that person in today's age, the blinding intensity of your union will leave you breatheless every time you are near them. It's almost too much, a simple touch or caress sends tingles up your spine and feels you with a perfect peace. It's almost a given also that everyone will realize you've found something special and will go through no holds barred too tear you from each other, and it can get downright nasty.\par But don't worry: Together you two have a united power that can melt the glacier ice caps if you had too. Believe in that and hold on too one another. Don't ever give up what you've found. Don't be surprised if after finding each other, life starts too suddenly make more sense as well. The more harmony that surrounds you and flows into you, the more life begins too flow with that current. Oh, The possibilities!

Added Later: aka May 7th, 2005
How too handle it when your des'taied is taken away from you. In most given circles, it is improtant too try and stay with your des'taied. They are your harmony union and you better believe people were desperate too rip me and mine apart. Sadly they succeeded. Sometimes you have too let them go. I knew Therian had taken me, kidnapped me, and made me Shi'rian. Therefore he magickally made me fit too him. Itw as not a Natural coming together of Harmony. It was a glamour induced Harmony. I know for a fact had I remained Fra'karian I would never have loved therian. I loved him as a Shirian woman loved a Shi'rian male, endlessly. That is why if your Bond is magickally induced, you more than likely shall not remain with that person. The Goddess told me there would come a time again where I could, if I chose be with the man who is supposed too be my Therian. Sadly and somehow blessedly, this person had Therian traits but was never fully Therian, for if he was, he would have not let me go. Therian exists co located watching over mine and his daughter from that lifetime, that is my daughter again right now in this lifetime, but not his.

I believe that somewhere out there I have my natural pure soul union and that he is the true other half of me. I may have found him allready but nothing is for certain until it is realized.