On Being a Sovereign ~ Sovereignty of Grael and what it means too me

I actually was passing by someone's forum, which is a fairly new kin forum and I saw some posts. I laughed at most of it because this person was taking a stab at sidhekin who claim some kind of *royal status*. I don't know many besides myself who do, and I don't brag about it because it is nothing too brag about. I want too post this on my site and boards and clear the funky smell out of the air.

For one thing, I was 23 years old when I learned I was sidhekin, and the sovereign of Grael. Grael is the name of the city in the dragon tongue, aka dra'gar script. Because I am Anara'Aname'Raet I am also a VIP of that realm. My duties in this life upon awakening are too find my sidhekin peoples and help prepare them as a sidhekin nation and community you could say. That is everyone, both light and dark, and also gray. I am not a *Queen*. I do not have The "Elvish Galadreil Princess syndrome* too be so blunt, trends and syndromes irritate me and your much more able too find "princesses" on Lavendise and Elenari.net than here at The Fra'Kar Groves. I don't have any haughty airs, I do not expect anyone too bow down and obey me. As I have said in the beginning: "I ask no head be bowed in my presence, nor no knee be bended. I am not your elder. I am Your Equal." Does this sound like someone who is experiencing Elvish Princess Syndrome? No, I didn't think so.

First of all I awakened as psychic at age 16, then came my awakening as a vampyre (both psychic and pranic, not psi) at age 19. I discovered my anara past at age 23, and all about my memories as the Sovereign, and they are still coming too me. All I know is what I have been told and those that know me, know that once there was a council of elders (Elementals At Grael) That I took orders from, but in the summer of 2002 I turned my back on them and I stopped being the "sovereign". But I was soon too learn it is not a TITLE, or a job. IT IS WHO I AM, It is what I am. It's not a title at all like say The queen of England has. I do not have subjects, or maids in waiting, nor do I want them.

I am a simple otherkin who is faery and or sidhekin / Fra'kar, with shapeshifting abilities on the astral. I identify with Cat people, and others who have shapeshifted into Ravens like myself. I care a great deal about the community and little diverse communities such as the sidhekin movement too which may I Point out without the early beginnings of my old site the Groves Of Annwyn, and the now present Fra'Kar Groves or Sidhekin Webhaven, the sidhe community would not be as advanced as it is today, and we would not know anything other than what was allready presented on sidhe and or Faery: That they were once but are gone now; and that most of the community thought us all peaceful, golden and fluffy. There was no Leannan sidhe voice, no beansidhe voice and no haven for the Dark Faery. I as Anara and with The Groves brought out truth from the mythos, and seperated the fact from the fiction. When I came out of the Ether as a Leannan Sidhe, there were NO OTHERS. I got laughed at by otherkin, I got laughed at by vampyres as their being Vampyric Fae. But three years later here we are, we have our Irish Leannan Sidhes, and our Scottish counterparts the Boabhan Sith. We are still breaking new ground with our websites and our message boards and our groups. If that is because I have a calling because I am Anara and The Sovereign of Grael, Or because I am a hardworking compassionate woman who cares about such things remains too be seen. I was told in a vision three years ago that the sidhekin were coming and they would need me, they would need a website. Even though She who owns the Unseen Kindred board where I saw these stabs taken in my direction and other "Royals" was listed, she and I no longer speak, but she chose too name her site the "Shadows Of Annwyn". I can not fault her that, and she is another Leannan Sidhe too. (Unless she's changed too something else in the meantime after our fallout)

Too me, on the Internet being a sovereign is like being an army leader, or just like being any other net community leader. I am someone too be counted, but not worshipped or adored. It is only in Astral trips, or dreamscaping, going home that proper title is given and addressed too me and people at the home realm bow out of respect! It is not something I like or am used too. It makes me feel uncomfortable, but with all positions of Power and or Honor, My Sovereignty too me feels like being High Priestess of a Huge, mystical order or grove or coven. I have a job too do, a people too lead, and too most importantly, HELP OUT. Help them learn, help with their abilities, and learn who they are. But being the sovereign is my birthrite, and it emcompasses not only sidhe, but celestial and dragon families as well as a bit of Wyldefrom(i) (Elves from Grael not the made up term ELENARI). As Anara I am known as what is called a Becoming, meaning 4 essances were combined magickally too make me, I was not born from "natural birth" and as Anara I was roughly age 18 when created. I did not have a "faery childhood". My Story

I could care less about Status, or trendyness such as with someones definition of elvish princess syndrome. I never wanted too be cinderella. I never corresponded with things like princesses or any of that rainbow brite crap. Ok so your sidhe, you don't want my help or anything too do with me that is great and all on you. I help those who want too be helped and I do not lead anyone, nor do people "follow my lead". WE work together as a whole, as a Community, because in Community you have Unity. People that I work with, through my sites and groups know me, they work with me, not for me. It may seem at times that I am a dictator, but that is because certain people are not behind the scenes working with me. I am certainly not a nice anything when screwed with, and or lied too and played around with. I am blunt and assertive. I will tell you too go too hell and I will not take it back. What's meant is meant.

For those who claim Faeries had no Royalty
For one thing, the Fra'kar had Similar akin too "houses". Most of those who say they are of a house, have no way too explain these terms. A Fra'kar house is a family name, like the Raet family is the first house. The family name is matrinlinear - it runs through the mother's name. My mother was Gaia'Anaska'Raet, who was of dragon Essance, and only the females of the lineage carry the RAET last name. It was a noble type of family. I am not sure how many houses there are, but I know of at least Five, too correspond with the 5 dragon/faery cities. If Fra'kar had royalty then it was a loose royalty. (Royalty in the home realm was more like they had a job or a duty) There were those born with birthrite like myself. There are 3 other becomings beside myself and we are slowly finding all of them.

WE had in truth no queens and no kings like you hear in Irish and scottish lore with the courts. We have no real courts, no unseelie and no seelie faery. All Real faery or fra'kar are attuned with gray and balance and shadows. We know that life and nature and magick is neither just light or dark, white or black but both. We have also been called the Children of Balance, and I believe that too be factual.

It is also common that the sidhe are like cats - they follow noone but their own law and that is also common and defiantely allowed. Just because I am a Sovereign does not mean you should follow me. Sidhe people should be individualists, have their own minds and ideas and goals and bring them too the allready flourishing community. That is in truth why I use the term Sovereign because saying "princess" makes me sound like I am 16, I am full of myself, I have no life and my daddy buys me everything and I am "wittle little pixie brat". My biological father is dead, money is tight, and I hate pixies, and I am pretty humble for a Capricorn. They (Pixies) are like mushrooms and toadstools after a spring rain and I kick them everywhere! HAH! I even have my own law, even when I re-accepted my birthrite as the sovereign in the fall of 2002, I said the hell with what the councils want me too do, because then most of them had fallen into the Ether. If you have noone too obey you, you don't exist. I started it with my own plan and its working. There is no ruse and no creed or rede here. No Veil too follow, black red or white here. Be Yourself as a sidhekin, but find your voice in the community, speak up and bring us your ideas and goals and what you'd like too see. That is what's important. No bellymoaning and bitching and whining because the fates didn't intervene and make you as otherkin special enough. So what then if you were a slave? You are not now are you? Some people I have seen get stuck in their memories and do not apply what they have learned from them too themselves now in their present. That's the whole point isn't it? Too learn from past errors and mistakes and too overcome them now in the present. But I am just a Royal Sidhe, don't listen too me.

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