The Haven FAQ

These are some questions I am frequently asked and I'd like too post them here so people could understand me and my site, goals etc just a wee bit better.

I. Why Do I call myself Anara, when I used too go by LadyChrys? Anara is my Otherkin name, short for Anara'Aname'Raet or Anara Lotherian. LadyChrys was my first nickname on the www, and is mostly known in vampire communities. When I briefly left them I quit using LadyChrys and started focusing more on the otherkin side of myself Anara. Now, I am able too be Anara in either community/communities and I don't give a shit who knows it. *smiles*

II. What the hell is this Fra'kar buisness? Are you a roleplayer? No I am not a roleplayer. I have roleplayed in the past and what is wrong with writing and imagination? I played VtM and VtDA. What most people don't realize, in order too rpg you have a character, you make up their story and according too their age and other stats they aren't all powerful, they have a script they have too follow. You can't just make it all up. Fra'kar (FRAY KAR) are Faeries from another realm outside the earth plane. Not planet. You have a plane very similar too earth's that mirror's it, it looks like it, behaves like it, but it a more sacred, protected place, magick is allowed there, people are different there. I knew what Fra'kar was gonna sound like when I put it on the web. I talk too my goddess, my mother The Morrighan and my guides allot, when people think I am talking too myself I am conversating with my guides and I told them that people were gonna think I was making it up, that I was lying, that I was some kind of idiot freak, and they told me, "But people are going too need your website" and sure enough.. here come all these people, with questions and details similar too my experiences and for these people does this website exist. No others.

III. Do you think you have too much attitude towards people? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I get cranky like everyone else more so because I am kin and less human..we'll go there in a minute. But I think there are some catty bitches online that think they know what is going on all the time, and the assume and lump in people who can and do get offended by them. I get tired of being criticized by people WHO do NOT get it, I get tired of seeing the same cloned websites in the kin communities day after day, I am quite tired of jealous humans who sooo badlyw ant too be like me that they bitch about my website and resources, then I really get tired of humans who think That I THINK I am special because I am otherkin. No darlings I don't think. I know. Haha no that's not either. I am blessed, not special. Sometimes its a curse too. Your eally think its that cool too be different? No its not.

IV. Less Human?! But what the hell does that mean?! By Crikey! She's less human?! She's a roleplayer. Here we go again. No Ladies and Gentlemen, Human does not mean much except you feel emotions. Animals feel emotion, are they human? Ghosts feel emotion, are they still human? The flesh body isn't human. It's semen, and egg joined together, its particles and ash, and dirt. Unhuman is people who are generally those who don't feel their emotions or choose too feel them less, aka monsters, vampires, anything than normal folk. As an empath I can turn my emotions off and on, back and forth. But its more than that. I prefer my own kind. Vampires and Fra'kar faeries, elves even sometimes. We radiate on the same energy wavelengths, we have the same broodiness in common. WE are more animal than humanoid related..we allow ourselves too know our primal natures, and that includes everything.

I am an Occultist, meaning my study, spirituality is evolved in The Occult. This does not mean I am a Satanist. The Occult even incorporates Christianity, and xtianity is one big huge death cult. They have taken the fine doctrine of An Arab who worked miracles, who believed in god the father, so much that his faith moved mountains and allowed him too overcome mind over matter and walk on the sea, and twisted it into a sunday morning service about the end of all time, struck fear in everyone's heart into giving their soul too someone they have never met. They use fear too drive people too jesus, when he wants people too come willingly too him. Only two religions ask you too give your soul too someone, and that's christianity and its many faiths; and Satanism. But that's a whole other rant, one I have covered elsewhere on the Fra'kar website.

As an Occultist, I believe as otherkin, when our soul awakens, it begins too change our flesh body too match what's inside of it. Our soul is the otherkin anyway, Otherkin everywhere preach their souls are and may never have been human. They can accept that about their soul, but when you go and say the flesh host body isn't human or isn't anymore they go apeshit. They are the first too call you wrong. Oy my freaking froglegs. It's not a crazy idea that your soul infliuences your body, and when that happens, you begin too re-align with what/who/how you originally were, in the beginning, back into your true forms. This is known as Ascension. Some kin believe Ascension is going on Right now, and what we have all worked for since the last time it happened is coming true soon. Planes merging and or the veil falling. But i don't think there will be a war. I don't think demons will come and try and kill us all. I think what we have too watch out for is people allready here, nay fucking saying every thing, and or distorting informations being passed allong. This is one reason my website has undergone passwoprd protection.

V. Me & IM Behaviors

I like talking on my im's just as much as the next person. What I hate is dumb dirty old men im'ing me. Clearly they search, see me online, see my picture, and say "Ok let's hit on this babe" My profiles says *Long term realtionship* why would I lie about that if i weren't in one? I also have a toddler too. This usually happens on YIM..people on MSN IM seem too have better fucking manners. I repeat..DO NOT IM ME too hook up. You are creepy! We can chat about otherkin, vampires, similar interests but I don't wanna hook up with you, I am not interested in a threesome, and I do not wanna look at your damn webcam. I don't want too see naked pictures of you, or half naked. I can see a nice 10 inch cock whenever I want, and that's mine all mine! *grins* It's my fiancee's. Nuff said.

Also, I don't chat on them all the time. Sometimes, I am doing something. Sometimes I am invisible. Sometimes, I just don't care. If I wanna talk too you, I will. If I was suddenly talking too you and i stopped replying: I hit the ignore button. New users IM'ing me get the two minute warning. It's like the MTV new show, NEXT. If you say something dumb your gone..for good. ;)

For those of you On my IM's that know me better than what the above, keep it too yourselves ok? *shhhh!*

Brief Bio ~Rise too the Former Hierarchy!

I came online too the web in 1996 late in November, right after thanksgiving. This was before the birth of our otherkin, occult, magus, and vampire communities indeed. I used too Chat in a room on Aristosoft called Room Gee. I also Popped in B. That was the early "gothic room" I also chatted in some room known as the Graveyard with a bunch more interesting group of people at a very wierd site..not a rpg room either. Alex where are you boy I generally miss you, even though you stood me up for my cyber prom, because I dropped out of my highschool and didn't have a prom. So the night of my hs prom I had one online in Room Gee. This started a trend of online gathers in that room, we called them room gee reunions, and the best way too go too any reunion is STAG!!!! I still chat with some of my friends from those days: Momma Owl/Heaven and Steve/RockGiant/HeavyMetal21/MetallicaTown over at LiveJournal. I miss (well almost) everyone else. This also saw the rise too me dating guys in bands I believe. LOL

I Also started hanging out at Chathouse, and then my rpg craze started in the east wing. I RPGED for about 4 years, when I finally left the Chathouse behind after my by then real vampire and otherkin duties and pursuits were calling me home.

By then I Had awakened as a full fledge pranic vampire, much too the disappointment of some guys I knew who wanted the pleasures of awakening me themselves. Sorry guys. I started a vampire site at first, some of the earliest names were:

  • VTR: vampire The Reality
  • SVEST Sanguis Vitam Est (blood is Life)
  • (VERY successful) and put me on the community map
  • The After Dark (After exspired)
  • The Essances Of Shadow aka Now half of Ordo Embtraced By Twilight

    I by then had seen the vampire web spring up around us all. Sanguinarius deserves credit she was the first site, with SphynxCat, Saravasti, Vyrodlak, Ry'vere, and Vincent's Vampire page popping up first. This is before the birth of ezboards I should also say at this time. Then The Coven Org site (the first one), Sanguinarium, and the Vampire Church crop up as the first kind of haven / organizations. With the birth of the vampire church everyone wants too start creating houses, so the House movement starts going crazy with House St. Germain in the lead as wella s House Shadow in the early early days. Then darkness-Embraced and, and all the other little general sites, and and so on.

    I have seen the general birth of the vampire online community, as well as the otherkin community. I remember when that first site was The ORC (Otherkin resource Center) so its natural that the webmasters of these sites that hate me would: I know the truth since my sites grew up around theirs.

    I am finally comfortable enough too put that here and let everyone else see it too, as well as say their are some orders and houses that I feel at home in. Google is riddled with sites that EQUALLY praise LadyChrys' and those that hate me, yes I did allot of bad things in some communities but I also apologized for my actions and behaviours and I really do not give a shit if they were accepted. I was 19 then, an angry 19 year old trying too deal with things that noone had answers for back then. I had no website too turn too and ask for direction. I had too learn and go through it on my own, and that was hard too do. That is why that it is laughable too see websites say "well here we have vampire mentors that teach" whatever. Noone can truly teach you, but the process of awakening you go through. That is your teacher. I am still a person who is blunt, won't kiss your ass, and I am 27. There is a big difference between being disrespectful too an elder and not letting someone bully you. There are no real Elders...If you are known for that which you promote then surely your knowledge will speak for itself. Respect is earned anyway not demanded. ON the front page of Frayed are some interviews and sites that list be as an equal. So for those who rejoice that "I am gone" do not be so content, for I am gone really no where. We all evolve, morph, grow, change in an ever twisting circle, least I have, I don't know about the rest of you.

    ~Anara / LadyChrys