Disclaimer: This is the new fra'kar "glossary" files. They are called the Tomes Of The Before Part One. Recently someone accused me of being a roleplayer, so I hope this file discredits that label. These are a list of people, places, things, in fra'karian and Shi'rian languages. I am, nor is my site or resources a roleplayer or a roleplaying resource, however I see nothing wrong with roleplaying, as long as you know it's a game. However with the depth of this file, this was done one morning during while I was tranced out during visions and reaccounting of old letters between myself and Arian. I don't have that much imagination. Thanks!

This file has been extensively re-done, it's rewrite taking place on December 3rd, 2003 at 10:46pm

Credits: Anara'Aname'Raet and Anara Lotherian (I am them both), Arian'Li'tish'ria'Raet, and a few others, plus many, many autowritings done on mine and Arian's behalf. During my offline hiatus, Arian and I have written letters back and forth too New Zealand/America and have come up with many new people, more info on old people recorded, places, cities, provinces, magicks, words, and much more.

The original file of this was written in April 2003, and by myself and someone else of supposed Shi'ri origin. Those words of hers have been taken off this dictionary, because either they are/were offensive terms like curse words (like it's important too know how too curse in Shi'rian!) or have one or more words that mean exactly the same things.

People That Are Remembered

(Also important too correct: Previously there were people of this page called "Tir'nele" (moonwhisper). This is not the correct name, it is Ti'rie'nel. This is also being corrected. (Moon over the Glades). This is important too also note that this family is the first vampyric family, similarly related too those of romanian lore, the strigoi vi, [not Father Todd's Group!] and has night associations.)

The Raet Family Line

(A Note on female and male surnames in the provinces and cities. Women were the head of their families, such as all females, unless they are Shi'ri, have the family surname. The men if they were fra'karian weren't nessecarly born with fra'karian surnames. They may have gotten a surname by ways of being adopted into another frakarian family. Also, in marriage, Females did not maintain their husband's surname if he had one, nor if the child they had was a boy would he be named after the female mother, but a female child would always be named after the mother's line. Women here are viewed as the backbone of the family, they were in charge, and viewed as Goddess, of the land, and holy. Why that is, it is not quitely certain.)

Iaa. Tala'ma'Raev'Raet- (Taal-ahhh-ra-ave) She was Gaia and Arian's Grandmother! She is also a huge black dragon, but she didn't have scales. She has smooth looking skin, but black. She looks like a Lethivan, or how they are described. She looks terrible, as in size and power, she seems too be a very cold creature. As In Emotional and feeling. When thinking of this name I get "Cold Black Darkness Of Creation". I don't like too think of this creature too long. I see these front flippers instead of wings on the back like a regular dragon would have. She has a very long neck, and a head almost like that of a dinosaur, and the same with the teeth. She seems too have come from a subterran place, no where that I remember.

Ia. Arian'Anallah'Raet- Gaia's twin sister and Dra'gar. Became ruler of stars and universal energies. Name means: Starlight's Chosen Creation. My sister Arian was named for her. Arian as far is learnt of her, produced no children, viewing she could better fit into creation by becoming a dragon of the universe. She disliked the idea of mixing essances with other species, she wanted nothing to do with that. (Kinda cold like grandmother) So she decided she would lend her energies and magickal essances too the universe, protecting us with Celestial Magicks, which actually helps disincarnates, or those astralling on each type of plane, stay more or less "intact".

Ib. Gaia'Anaska'Raet- Twin sister too Arian'Anallah'Raet.\par Means: "earth's destruction and Creation", and can be seen as a Volcano goddess as well. Gaia (in goddess form and worship) was/is a pangea goddess who is seen as the trad earth mother. She is depicted as having a wide head, and is rather "plumper" than today's versions of goddesses who are thin and trim and muscled. So in blunt terms she was fat. However Gaia is known amoung Early Dra'gar and Fra'karian peoples as The First mother as well. She had four daughters, and possibley one sons, who do not carry the Raet name, however at one time, all four of her daughters did indeed carry her name, and three of us still do.\par Gaia was/is a black hydra dragon. She is associated with all four elements and Creation. As with most hydra types I believe she had three heads too associate herself with a Triad or trinity Goddess (maiden, mother and crone). Too say her colors were black does not associate herself with evil, or good. I do not remember that she ever did magick, other than when she participated in seeing one of her children created. It is important too say she never had a humanoid body, she always has a dragon body.

History of: Her Daughters were created as follows: Anara, Arian and Ny'leni'a, and then Anariel being the youngest. As Ana'riel grew up, she was kidnapped and fostered by a Shi'ri woman named Mi'rage. Mi'rage (mer-age) hated gaia and wanted too see her destroyed or pent-up, put away, so she had Ana'riel study the magicks in which too bind Gaia in the Earth's spiritual core (not physical core). Ana'riel did not knowing any better and there our mother lay dormant for 10,000 years.

(Note here also: Fra'karian realm time and earth linear time is very, very different. We measure our years in ages, which in humanoid terms is about every 10 years. But that is not earth linear time, as in a decade here. No our ten years is about 1000 on earth.)\par Her son is: Sheyjhaden Tra'vadien (named for his father), Gaia awoke from her spiritual slumber on Midsummer 2001. (The day of my reinitation and calling too be Grael's Sovereign).\par I have since then done dream/astral pathworkings with Gaia, so I believe she can be contacted in dream rituals and through mediation.

1. Anara'Aname'Raet - The Sovereign (province leader) of the north province called Grael. Grael also represents North in the compass direction. Originally it was ruled by all dra'gar (dragons) before the Fra'karians came along, and it's Dragon ruler was called Graelyss (Gra-iel-iss) Anara'Aname'Raet means: Beautiful Or Blessed Daughter, Enchantress of the Propechy of/in Creation. That would be me. My other name in the second age is Anara Lotherian, for I was slightly kidnapped, and re-made too be Lord Therian's Shi'ri Queen at Fhildefehn. He was a powerful weather mage, and a master at transmogrification, which is the practice of manipulating and changing one's memories, outward appearance and spiritual dna, and physical body. This will be discussed more down at the bottom of this page. My Father was "A'haile" who was a wyldefromi (Grael word for wood elves, seen in realtion too those of the daoine sidhe "deena shee".) brother of Dal'mar'ri.

2. Arian'Seren'Raet- My sister. Her name means: "Starlight's Descent into all Creation". She is the Sovereign of Nael'yon, or the western city of water. Nael'yon can also be said as "Nael'wynn". Which is the Dra'gar's name who used too rule the province. He is a huge white dragon. Her father is Dal'mar'ri Ti'rie'nel. Her foster mother (for she was sent too live at Dal'mar'ri's home in Isyr's western woods, which can remind one of switerland in many ways and Barvaria, Germany, or Romania) is/was: Dim'mer'rae or Lothundra. (some insist it was Dim'mer'rae too Lothundra) Arian was sent there after Gaia was put into the core, because there was a time of danger in which some shi'ri mage women were trying too kidnap Gaia's offspring. By that time I had allready recieved my calling, and they could not get too myself then.

3. Ana'riel Tie'rien'thanyl: Originally a Raet, but kidnapped and fostered by Mi'rage Tie'ien'thanyl, (whose other daughter was Li'riel) who was a Shi'ri purebreed dra'gar mage. Seems she was as old as Gaia and was envious of Gaia, because Gaia had been given the oportunity too beget the lines of creation, and was the first family. So she kidnapped Ana'riel, and made it believe that Gaia had sent Ana'riel too this woman, whose name means (Ana'riel) "Daughter of fires and of the poisoned cups". After Ana'riel had fufilled Mi'rage's dreams of locking Gaia at the core, she went away too Isyr, where she met Ardynn Ara'drakamas, who was too become her husband.

4. Ny'lene'ia'Sel'the'nia'Raet- The darkest daughter Gaia and Dal'mar'ri ever had and can be compared too the mythology of Lilith. Her physical beauty was astounding, yet all she ever wanted too do was be cruel too everyone. She felt more important than any of her sisters, or her brothers. She was the twin sister of Arian. Her name translates very roughly too "She of the rain-soaked desert planes of Creation". She had these black orchid garden that she oftenly sat/slept in. She was not a creature of this world. She slept in dirt, her black hair always had leaves in it, and she virtually had no heart. She became so bad and endangered every cause the Fra'kar, Dra'gar, and everyone else stood for than she had too be sealed in stone. She was a greedy, self-centered, cold lump of existance. She is the embodiment of a Dark Faerie. Her name is really beautiful, and yet is puzzling, because everyone knows that it's rare too find a rain-soaked desert plane, yet I remember this desert plane in Isyr and it rained and poured there (isyr had rainy weather allot because the Shi'ri love rain), and the plane itself forming mud, no trees there, very barren place but also full of life. (Which makes me wonder of The Garden Of Eden...hmmmm)

She inherited Gaia's dark dragon nature, and Dal'mar'ri's Van'morri imprint. (The first vampire family). I know that she loved too torment her brother by Dal'mar'ri and Lothundra/Dim'mer'rae, Dalamar Ti'rie'nel, for they both shared a love for power and greed, and even looked alike. She also tried too torment Shannadar but he left (Isyr) before she could get him in her clutches.

4. Tamara'A'haile'Raet- My daughter by myself and Ka'lecht Xirothandar. She has her grandfather's name, it means "Beauty in time's creation". She grew up too be a Fra'kar mage of sorts. She trained young dragons too fly and use their gifts, she even helped heal dragons, she was kind of like a "Dragon Vet". She is currently incarnate in Oregon. (I miss speaking with you, pele, girly girl!)

5. A'haile- My father as Anara and Ana'riel's father also. He is the brother of Dal'mar'ri. A'haile had dark brown hair with white at the left and right temples. He could remind one of a Druid, for he always carried a spiral staff with him and wore red robes and Ether jewelry.

It is important too stress he was not a Ti'rie'nel, even if he was Dal's brother. His last name was Nie'thaendes. (Ni-then-dis) This is a very odd name and I had too really dig for the wyldefromi word. I could see what the name meant, and keep hearing the english translation of the wyldefromi word, which is where A'haile lived and studied his crafts. The Jeweled Forest. When I say "Jeweled Forest" I mean this, the trees were of the deepest green, the air was always so fresh and clean. The area felt prehistoric like you had stepped into a dino forest because everything was huge and towering. He lived in this neat cottage at the edge/beginning or fringes of the wood that was simple enough. It was always neat and trim with a fire in the hearth and he sat at a desk always studying these runic glyphs.

Grael is known for it's majestic forests but The Jeweled forests were something else entirely. It was defiantely a place of Sancuary, defiantely, and I think only his family name kept this area.

I get the feeling that A'haile wasn't a very big socialable wyldefromi, which are different from the Fra'kar. The Wyldefromi see that the forests are kept. The Fra'kar see that seasons change and that the energy is kept peaceful and beautiful, harmonized. The Shi'ri Mages (well the good ones) see that the Seasons get their nessecary Storms. Wyldefromi are normally very aloof, sheltered people. They make very good Soliders, Champions and warriors, healers, keepers and Guardians though.

6. Dal'mar'ri Ti'rie'nel- Of The Van'morri (The first vampyric family. Ever. In. Existance.) (said as Vi mor rye) He had two daughters with Gaia (The twins), Two sons also twins by Dim'mer'rae/Lothundra, and another younger son named Ameliae by Lothundra. He also has three other sons, An'dorian Dae'thadian, Dres'disaiden Dae'thadian, and Sheyjhaden Traveyden. Dal'mar'ri's appearance was shock white hair which oftenly seemed too change color at a moment's notice, because I remember seeing him with white long hair and black long hair. I visited Arian at her fosterage here, and remember that he took a very odd liking too me. Merfy. His sons, Dalamar and Shannadar had different shades of hair color even though they were twins, even though they didn't much look like one another. Dalamar had black hair with a white streak down the middle which earnt him the nickname "skunk" from me, and Shannadar had straight black hair like his mother. Now An'dorian and Dres'disaiden had different mothers, who were also twin sisters.

An'dorian's mother was named A'nish'ia and Dres' mother was named A'nith'ria, and they were both Fra'karian. An'dorian does have the Van'morri imprint, and had blonde/brownish hair, and Dres' too had the imprint and had a very odd yet beautiful chestnut hair color and grey-green eyes.

7. An'dorian Dae'thadian / Ti'rie'nel / Li'rei'thaniel : An'dorian and his twin brother Dres'disaiden (dres for short) seemed too not like their Van'mor'ri natures and so took too travelling about. By this time, my sister had come too be with them and had taken the honor name Li'rei'thaniel which I believe means "Of the Higher Born", I know she travelled with them too Fhildefehn too find me after the first age had fallen.

8. Dres'disaidan Dae'thadian / Ti'rie'nel / Li'rie'thaniel An'dorian's twin, both favoring their father Dal'mar'ri in the eyes and faces, body stature,left thier homes in Isyr and took too travelling about. An'dorian and Dres were at odds with their vampyric natures, being from the Van'mor'ri family/tribe. So they travelled about and stayed in other villages where they could fit in with other Frakar who wouldn't mind, or notice who they really were. An'dorian seemed too not inheritted the penchant for taking blood, but was always afraid he would want too (It was forbidden too drink the blood of another magickal being), but Dres embraced his nature wholly and did not find it a curse at all, but neither did he flaunt what he was.

The Gang in Grael

9. Lathaniel Dres'dian'iel - My Former wyldefromi champion that travelled with me too my arranged home in Faf'nir, where I ruled with Ka'lecht Xirothandar in the first age.

10. Ar'gath - An old fuddy shoe. But my mentor and teacher in Grael who taught Anara everything she knows. He was one of the Dru'ia (yes like druid ancestors) who tried too teach me shapeshifting and how too use my various abilities, and our history, and how too be a proper young miss but I think he somewhat failed...hehehehe. Sorry Ar'gath.

11. Branowhynn (said as branofehn) - Wild, wild fra'kar child. +gglz+ No seriously, he was a very esteemed noble who visited the Grael palace regularly who had a thing for and with Anara and got caught and punished for this. The council, and Ar'gath wanted me pure for my marriage Too the slutty prince Ka'lecht (yeah why didn't he stay fucking pure?! lol) "She must be untouched". Oh well. I was very touched by the time I got "Arranged". +la, la, la....+ Bran was uhm "Prince-like" of his haven, the Lawless Mountains, which had an odd dress code, yes, no clothes as a matter of fact. The Lawless Mountains were too the North of the Grael Palace, and once you had entered the area, it's like you crossed this line and your clothes vanished from your body, and when you walked back over it they all re-appeared. Everything happening in this area earns a garantee NC-17 rating, so uhm I can't be telling you about it. The Council took Bran's memories as punishment.

Bran it seems was also Anara's advisor, or flagbearer. He went with her "staff" too Isyr for her Coronation and Ar'gath found out about their union after Bran grew furious over learning that Ardynn Ara'drakamas had made love too her. The Coat of Arms of Grael was a White Raven, wings outstretched (think phoenix but white) with a spear in one talon and a tree branch in another.

12. Cie'Lei - I can't remember his other name, but he was Ar'gath's son and had been told too stay away from me at all costs. Seems I was very flirtatious and I remember it was said about me one could not award too look in my eyes long and not be enchanted. (Sounds very hokey too me too, people! lol) His entire name means "twilight borne". He was a Fra'kar guard at the gates of the palace, and very skittish of me. I remember once I performed some dream magick on him just too see him naked and kiss him...oh my. LOL\par I remember seeing Shannadar, Bran and Lath kidding him at the gates too stay away from me, also as such they all kept him away from me! (Kye-aye)

13. Shannadar Ti'rie'nel- Anara's first lover, at Grael, four nights prior too my initiation in Isyr. He used magick so noone would find out. Sorry Bran he beat you there first. lol We literally went underground to do it, where he lived in an underground chamber underneath my window inside the palace itself. After the act I took his snake ring that he wore on his right index finger, and Ar'gath knew what had happened or suspected I was becoming too close too Shan, who was also my archery, staff/sword, and other shapeshifting abilities teacher that Ar'gath had failed too teach. Shan soon left Grael after I went too my coronation in Grael, and I saw him very briefly in Isyr when I visited my sister's fosterage.\par

Lurkers in Grael

14. Coinlacht - (Cowan-lye) A Red-haired beautiful woman who lived in the Village of Neverending right outside the Forest of Navanthal just beyond the Grael Palace. This woman was a Banshee or Caileach\par in Scottish/Irish terms. The village wisewoman, she was a healer, a midwife, and a seer. The Village of Neverending was a wyldefromi village, a haven and second home of the Van'mor'ri in Grael's Lands.

15. Dalamar Ti'rie'nel - A Braggart, a killer and a thief. Wyldefromi and Van'morri, twin too Shannadar, his father is Dal'mar'ri and his mother is Dim'mer'rae/Lothundra. Not much good can be said of Dalamar though I am trying too come up with something. He was greedy, jealous and envious of all around him because he always felt like he was owed more than ever he got or was given.He was also weak-minded and weak-souled. He had no kindness in his heart, nor could you trust him with anything. He is like the male version of his half-sister Ne'lynea after she became cold and cruel souled and hearted. Maybe the good can be said of him now: he's not strung out on drugs like his brother Shannadar is...however he has some other problems.

People of Isyr

16. Ardynn Ara'Drakamas - Guardian now of The Bridge of Va'leryn, a Foxkin Elementis Archmage. The Foxkin in their terms are Inari, who was a goddess of the kitsune, or you may call them kitsune themselves. They had the normal humanoid bodies, with fur swirls on their upper arms that looked like fur tribal tattoos. They also had fur on their faces and fox ears, some of them even had tails like foxes. The kitsune or Inari are wildly magickal people who are great at temporal magicks (stoppage of time), seduction and lovemaking (oh boy!), and blanking memories, and creating portals in the inbetween of time and space. Another of Anara's lovers, though it was all his doing. He made love too me by opening a portal, pulling her inside and then blanking her memory after the deed was done, until his Fra'karian wife/mate/consort kissed him and little sneaky jealous seer as she was, saw what Ardynn had done, but instead of blaming him, she blamed me, ran into my tent while I was in Isyr for my coronation and tried too stab me with an enchanted dagger. He stopped her, proclaiming his love for me, and then I remembered what had happened. I think after that we all pretty much never saw each other again.

17. Li'riel Tie'rien'thanyl - First age ruler/shi'ri queen and soultwin too Lord Therian (shi'ri king) in Fhildefehn. They were not married nor were they lovers. They just kept the decree until the second age, when Therian decided too kidnap a certain fra'karian sovereign and turn her completely Shi'rian, except for her green eye color. I even had the bat shaped wings, and still feel "ghost wings"! Li'riel was and still is envious of me. Her Mother is Mirage (Mer-age, Ana'riel's foster mother)

18. Dra'gor (Lord Therian) Lotherian -First age and second age king of Fhildefehn "Living Forest Haven". His name means "He of the first dragons, bringer of storms". Friends called him Therian or Lord Therian for short. He was a supreme weather mage, and of transmogrification. (Changing or manipulating one's physical appearance, dna, chemical soul energy and more. He had a "T" on his left hand between the thumb and forefinger area. He is my Destai'ed Soul Union.

19. Anara Lotherian - Who I became in the second age. Lord Therian kidnapped me in a Cloud of fog right when the first age fell, which is when the Kestar invaded the south city of Faf'nir, deciding it was high time someone ended the Fra'kar rule. The Kestar are Riders of the Black Fire, a sect of Chaos light mages from the Angelkin and Daemonkin factions. They have enchanted swords that suck the magickal glowly essances out of Fra'karian, Dra'garian, Shi'rian and Wyldefromi people, thus making it so they can never incarnate again.

I had long black hair, greyish/coffee colored skin, long tapered ears, green eyes (all high born purebreed shi'ri have purple/indigo eye color), wings that folded across one another like an X, that would pop out for short flights. The wings themselves were not large gossamer faerie wings (that's a myth folks), nor dra'gar wings which are huge, but meduim sized batshaped wings on small extensions\par that were attached where everyone has their shoulder blades now. All Shi'ri are tall, about 5'7, and men are 6'3 in that range. I always wore the Shi'ri royal colors of Purple/indigo and black. My dress was purple, and sleeve-less on my arms, and I wore a cloak of purple and black with a hood upon it.\par We basically looked allot like Indigo cloaked egyptian-druids. I remember walking barefoot allot with ankletts on my feet and I wore lots of ether rings, and a spiral torc on my upper left arm. I also had a dragon branding on my inner right thigh. When Therian kidnapped me and created me into his perfect Shi'rian Queen image, I had awoken laying in the grasses at Fhildefehn too a woman's loud voice claiming that "She didn't see why he had kidnapped me, I wasn't even pure Shi'rian, I had green eyes. How could he after all these years of their rule together? Was he unhappy with her, did he want her too leave?" he told her back in an authorithive voice that "He had found the woman he loved, would marry and be with for all time." only then did I look down at myself and realize with a shock, that I didn't look like myself, but I couldn't remember what I was supposed too look like, nor did I remember anything about the \i before\i0 .So not only did Therian change me, but he erased all my memories of the before, except it seems of my immediate family.

20. Amathalia Lotherian: Therian's and my daughter during our reign in Fhildefehn. A wierd thing about Shi'ri children, which is different from Fra'karian children is that with a Fra'kar child you can choose what age you want them too be, and they are created, not born from labor/childbirth. They are created out of your chosen essances, which are strengths and abilities they will grow with as they grow and learn. With Shi'ri children they are born from childbirth, but in the matter of a day they go from newborn too adult, and stop aging at around age 18 in normal human years, in one single day.

Because time here and time there are extrememly different. I don't think Our mathematical philosophists got "Time" right here on Earth. Because when people first started incarnating here, there was no linear time, and ever since Man started caculating "time" he's been trying too cheat it. So our Calendars and lengths of days and nights are not correct with other realm passage of years and eras. One day in Fhildefehn is a 100 years here on "Earth". Amathalia became an extremely powerful Dra'gar weather mage. She loved storms, and loved it when torrents of rain poured from the sky and Lightening lit it up. That's my daughter, allright.

21. Synthradea Ara'Drakmas - Yes, she who runs the purple nation, shadowsofannwyn.com. She is listed here only for purpose. She is Ardynn's twin, kitsune/Inari like he is. She caught the eye of a Shi'ri Mage named Ewone Dra'gin'atin, [dray-gain-aye-tien] (rough Translation) who placed upon her the slave marriage ritual of the Shi'ri, which makes you think and swear up and down that is your intended twinflame or Destai Union (soul marriage), but they are not. "She who radiates with sound/music in the air dragon lands". Because of her brother Ardynn her family is of great class in Isyr. When I spoke of Inari having the fox tails earlier I meant Synthradea, who was mostly fox! She had a woman's body with fur tatt's on her upper arms, a Tail like a fox/cat, paw like hands with human fingers, a fox shaped face with fur on it and Fox ears with dark brownish/almost black hair falling around her face and down her back. She was also short in the area of 5'2. The Slave marriage is two ether-enchanted braceletts (cuffs) placed upon both wrists that seep into your body and mind which make you believe you are the beloved intended soulmate of said Master. Only an incanatation said by the Master can break the spell on the cuffs, thus they never come off. Some Mages prided themselves on having as many slaves as possible, and some people, while remembering their memories think with the somewhat excitement of S and M, and BDSM, enslavement is such a turn on. The only Shi'ri parts of her was her eye color. No high class born pure breed Shi'ri woman could be a slave of her people. Synthradea told me when we first met online that she was a Leannan Sidhe, because I claimed Leannan Sidheism which I will speak about under words and places.

22. Toren-Al-Cantra - This guy runs a very cool art site on the web, and is on Synth's boards. I've never emailed him, nor have I ever talked too him. I don't know if he would like too be listed here or not, but I remember him from my short trip too Isyr because he was Ardynn's Inari friend and brother in arms. They hung out at the White Palace, or the main common palace, because they were warriors/guardians there. He and Ardynn were at my coronation there with my own court from Grael. I don't know if he remembers me or being there. http://artbytoren.com

23.Amaelie Ti'rie'nel - The younger son of Dal'mar'ri and Lothundra, and foster-brother of Arian. Not much of him is known, but he's in the dictionary none the less.

People of Faf'nir

24. Ka'lecht Xirothandar - He who makes my life hell. My intended when I was Anara'Aname'Raet. His name means "Soul light of The Great Fire Blade". He is/was the prince of Faf'nir, and my intended twinflame or consort. I think the heavens somehow royally fucked the hell up here and now.

25. A'leendea - Ka'lecht's Destai'ed Union who he found, who ruled with him at Faf'nir after the fall of the first age and after Therian took me too Fhildefehn and changed me.

People of Sair'yss -

26. Sheyjhaden Tra'veden- (Sheyzhaiden Travaden) Another son of Dal'mar'ri's and the only son Gaia ever had. He isn't female, so he's not a Raet. Only Female's carry the Raet name.\par He's not a Ti'rie'nel because Dal'mar'ri sent him too fosterage in Sair'yss when he was created as a 13 year old lad that grew up and had things too learn. He is a Becoming, and The Prince of Sair'yss. Long ago when I started this dictionary I thought I was nuts too form a list of people I knew and others knew too explain what we did, and who we were, our homes, places, words, languages, but I thought it would help people find who they were then, and who they would become again. I was right in that. I also wondered if I would ever have all four Sovereigns uncovered and now with Sheyjhaden's name that has become a reality, and now Mr. Treyvaden if you are out there would you please step forward? +grins+ In appearance he is very lithe, tall, muscled and had spiral tats on his face. Arian knows more about him.

Words And Places

1. Ardiah Fiflis- This is A Shi'ri word that means both dark and light. The term for the Queen of the second age, Me.\par I always wondered if this word would apply too me someday. It's crazy because in my time, in the first age, I was a becoming, and the sovereign of Grael, and in the second age, I was the Queen of the Shi'ri at Fhildefehn. I am both Dark and light, and I was queen and I have come forth again.\par At the entrance too Fhildefehn are statues who ruled there long past. First there is Li'riel, and Then in the middle there is Therian, and then There is Myself, all carved in a lilac marbled glory, with pathways luring people into the Living Forest Haven.

2. The Main Four Cities:

a. Grael - The City or Province rather that concides with North and Earth. The Glyph for this city is a Triangle with a Line under it.\par Grael is a mountainous and forested area. We have a saying from Grael that "All forests are really One Forest." Indeed it is.In Grael alone you have The Jeweled Forest, a forest of huge towering trees that shine as if they were made of ice crystals, brooks and creek beds with the purest ever of waters. This is the Dru'ia and wyldefromi Sanctuary and training haven. You have the Forest of Navanthal, right outside the Grael palace where the wyldefromi Royal Guard live. Navanthal means "four seasons", for all seasons are represented in this living wood. You have further up into the mountains The Lawless mountains where no rules or creed applies (Ahh a haven for those known as outlawkin..right Bran? hehe! +wink+) and clothing is optional and everything here happens nakedly and is a place of dryads and nypmhos..er nymphs doing whatever they please...\par The Palace itself lies too the Southwest. You also have the previously mentioned Village of Neverending which is a rustic, quaint yet odd place. Mostly wyldefromi stay here, or fra'karian with dark aspects.

Within the Village of neverending your have the forests of neverending which are the darkest forests you can ever seem too come across. This is Van'mor'ri Land, and the Sovereign allows them too have it. Dark things happen here, and it was always said it was wise you never ventured there alone...or with \i One of Them\i0 . However I did With Shan and it's not such a bad place.

b. Faf'nir - The Southern city and the place of everlasting Fire. The glyph symbol for Faf'nir is a circle with a small round circle in the middle, which also means "sun". Faf'nir had the oceans of Nael'ywon too the west that touched it's shores, and it's Palace was in the side of a mountain, up very high so you could see forever. I remember my first impression of this place was, "I have too live here?!" and traded a very awful, startled glance with my champion at the time, Lathaniel Dres'dan'iel. Once you passed into the mountain however it opened up into a beautiful, summer type home in a garden with all elements of nature combined. A Small brook ran through the entire castle, with trees and bushes carefully tended and grown, with fireplaces in the hearth of every room. I particularly remember his room, and wished I did not, because it is a reflection of the man and prince who is absent from this earthly realm and it seems I am never going too get too know.\par A Warning for all you Fra'karian and otherkin folk seeking your twinflame, Don't. There is more heartbreak in finding them and realizing they are not what they seem than in keeping a normal realtionship alive and prospering.

c. Sairyss: The city of east and air, or sky/firnament. The Sovereign prince of this city is Sheyjhaden Tra'veden, a son of Gaia and Dal'mar'ri. I do not remember Sair'yss that much yet in my memories of it but it is allot like the Norse Valhalla. It has winged ladies in this realm of a warrior/guardian purpose, just like Isyr has the kitsune/Inari. Arian originally called them "Kyries" which can also be found in "Valkyries". I wouldn't know if Sair'yss has forests, or seas, because only thing I know of it is there were lots of clouds. I guess too me (and I hate too compare it too this) but it reminds me of Mario cloud land in one of those Nintendo games. (cringes at that comparsion) but of course it wasn't as nearly as 1d and lame as that game. Maybe Arian knows more about Sair'yss, and so ask her! Sair'yss glyph is a wicked looking "S" but is the "S" rune for "wholeness".

d. Nae'lyon: The western city of water, it is a place full of lakes, rivers, and oceans that do not hold salt water. All the water critters live here: Seals, selkies, mermaids, water dragons (hydras), Nae'lyon only holds a tiny bit of land, mostly seacaves that glitter and land for the main palace which is carved of a white luminious stone, almost like Coral and Chalk combined with Limestone, all rocks, fossiles and living organisms that can be affected in change of appearance by water. Nae'lyon's Glyph is Neptunes Trident, which also looks like a Chalice. Arian'Li'tishka'Raet is the Sovereign here. Being inside the Main Palace one can't help but feel like they have travelled too Avalon, because the feel between places here feels very similar. Of Course Avalon was real (For those of us that are open minded and know so).So Perhaps Nae'lyon and Avalon are one in the same! Nae'lyon's Guardian is Nae'lwynn the great white dragon. Also perhaps, Nae'yonn is also Atlantis/Avalon

e. Isyr: The Great main city that sets atop the other four provinces. Excuse this rough map but it is the best one can do at the present:




With this rough map perhaps you will get an idea when I say Isyr (Iz-year) was in the middle, between Sair'yss and Nae'lyon, yet atop of them. It is the Sky Dragon Lands. Isyr is like a whole other country compared too the other four small provinces! The main council related city is known just as The White City. Everything here is a Majestic White. The Palace, with it's red carpets, The campgrounds which is like sleeping on clouds and air, with their White velvet tents (or fabric that closely resembled today's velvet, muslin and silk rolled all into one) Their Palace reminds me of temples you would see in the Far east, like Arabian in design. There is also the place where the High Council meets. No one person rules this city because the council still keeps it. I theory and muse that there is one person on this High council that helps each Sovereign remember who he/she is, and with memory feed and awakening, that helps her/his own kind down here today on this end. I know if something is happening in a dream sequence or if I need too channel or remember a specific thing, my mind remembers it because they let it happen. They also acknowledge that you have specific duties and abilities and allow you too work your wills with them. You are an extension of them. I have been pulled into dream, astraled out of body because something was going on in our home realms that we needed too see and hear and be apart of and they pull you there. My re-initation in this life happened in dream sequence, which I still remember and may include here as well down below. I know the HC is responisble for allot we sovereigns have access too these days. This place where they rule looks half like congress, half like the Collesium in Rome, and half like a courtroom. Wyldefromi, Celestari, Fra'kar, Dra'gar, and Shi'ri make up the High Council allong with some Inari/Kitsune folk. Basically folk that only incarnated once or twice, or have never incarnated and so help and judge from the highest of realms. They are the Ta'la'mer'rar'rah. (Tay-lay-maer-RAH)

Other Places In Isyr:\par

f. The Western Wood: The Main haven of the Van'mor'ri brood in Isyr. An Autumnal/ Late summer type setting where it seemed too be warm but always near twilight. Yet a beautiful land and beautiful time too be there. Their rustic cottages dotted the land here and a nice forest ran behind most of the houses, with the same feeling as the Forest of Neverending, except there, the Forests were in nighttime. This is where Dal'mar'ri, An'dorian, Dres'disaidan, Lothundra/Dim'mer'rae, Arian, Ne'lyena, Amaelia,lived for the most part, throughout. With some visits of Dalamar and Shannadar.

g. Fhildefehn - The haven for mixed hybrid kin (those who weren't pure Shi'ri) during the first age, and in the second age, Fra'karian peoples drifting down after the fall of the first age. It seemed like only two cities were attacked, Faf'nir and Sair'yss by the Kestar, and Fhildefehn/Isyr, Grael and Nae'lyon were spared.\par Still it was enough too make the other Fra'kar afraid and seek a safe haven. Fhildefehn had huge safeguards that protected againest the Kestar mages. (something similar too Earth's Veil)\par This place is just literally a huge, wonderful, happy home and haven. Of all my lifetimes, This was the best place I had ever been in, the happiest place I had ever been in. This place is home. It is always in my ever awakened heart, mind and body, and amazingly the earthen home of Fhildefehn is not more than 100 yards or so from my current home. \par I believe that home places in our realms, are and have been duplicated over on the earthen side. These duplicated places carry the same energies, and have the same gates and portals that lie in our home worlds, and also that these gates can be opened, the veil (already as thin as it is and non existant in most of these places) can be popped and we can pass back and forth but not far. (but we're working on it, ok!!!??) Pronounced as (Feel-day/dah-finn). Too bad on my side the statues aren't there, but Trees are lined up perfectly too take the place of the stones on this side. ;-)

h. Sub City: Nasyr- (Nazz-year) The Land of The Kemeti. A World just like ours, but with Animal people, who had their own realtionships, and walked on two legs instead of four, and talked in humanoid tones, had their own governments, religions, etc. yes today they choose too call themselves Furries, Lycans, Therians (astral shapechangers), and for lack of a better word "weres". Any real animalkin will not use the word "were", just like some vampyric people chose too go by another name, instead of "vampire" because of the misrepresentations of that word, and what they have come too mean. Also a note of difference here, real furries do not care for what is known in the community as Furry porn artists. That is why there are very few real animal kin out there today in the actual otherkin community, but those few who are, are actual very serious about who they are. I will try and do for the Kemeti what I did for the Frakar community here, and shed some serious light on what the Kemeti are. If Kemet sounds familar it should be. Anyone here know their very ancient, ancient, Egyptian lore besides me? In very old times, Egypt was called Kemet, why it was, I have not read in any book today but It was called that for the Kemeti and their religions. The first three warrior types of the Kemeti are the Dragons (as well as Dinos and those beings that ruled the great skys, hawks, birds, raptors), Big Cats, and Jackals. The Gods/Leaders or Guardians of these warrior races are Ra (whom I theory and muse now, was originally a Dragon, before he was the all powerful Egyptian God!) who in Egyptian lore had the head of a hawk, Bast/Pasht who was Goddess of the Big Cats (and later all cats), and Anubis, Guardian of the Jackals, who are "fox-like", who ravaged the early graves of Kemet, who ate the flesh of the dead and carried within them the soul too the Underworld.\par I discovered this a short time ago in an automatic writing, and I am typing a seperate file on my computer too better explain these views. However I do not believe all animals are represented in just Egyptian lore, But Celtic, and other early religions as well, after all it is called "the Animal Kingdom".

Words of Binding:

1. Ala'ret'lasa: (All-uh'rae'lee-asuh) Sacred soul marriage of the Shi'ri. Such a bond exists between myself and Lord Therian, which lead me too discover Soul structure and the keys of union that help a soul or spirit that has awakened find keys of past loves that help make that person whole. I have written a huge article on it so you will have too research that article for a better understanding. This is also known too me now as a Des'tai Union. This is different than a soulmate, a soultwin, a twinflame, which are all believed by new ageists too be the other parts or halves of your own souls, but I think they are something different which I have explained in the other article. However the rites of Ala're'lasa I believe are only a Shi'ri abled thing. Shi'ri bodies are different than Fra'karian (hence my change) Therian changed my body so he could wed me.

2. Bres'le'mja (Brae-laah-mah) Shi'ri word for a typical mind merge, which is similar too a blood bonding. This is like what happens when a Shi'ri mage takes a slave as his consort and slips those cuffs on you.

3.Ta'kalasha - Shirian and Fra'karian term that shows how an arranged marriage would work. As in giving one Sovereign over too another. A Pledge of land, love (they hoped for anyway) and honor for unity. A Betrothal, an arranged marriage for the sake of uniting something. In Shi'rian terms this is like what happened betwen Li'riel and Therian in the first age. They shared a love for each other but not in a sexual manner or realtionship manner.

Other Important Words Mentioned:

1. Becoming: There are four of these beings. They were created from four combined essances. These four are the Sovereigns and Princes of the four cities. There are two Sovereigns, and two Princes and each was planned too be the attended consort of the other. With myself as Anara, I am 1. Dra'gar, 2. Celestari 3. Wyldefromi 4.Fra'kar. The Ancestors as we called them, and other Dru'ia, formed these essances together too create us. This means we were made of energy, light, essance and air, and not "born". That is why as Anara I do not remember a childhood, of growing up, because I was created, not born.

2. The Kestar - A Sect/Race made up Angelkin, which are not Celstari or Celestials. The Kestar look much like (and again I hate too use this comparision) the Nazgul in lord of the rings fictional storybook lore. BUT, without the armor. Their swords are black and when stuck in some magickal person, absorbs their magickal glowly auras and spirits. This is much like how Reiki works. I've known some that swear Reiki can heal what's wrong with you, and then those who say reiki transplants have screwed up their chosen abilities. Well duh. I knew this lady who shall go unnamed, who really wanted too heal my vampyrism. Too bad I was smart enough too realize you can not heal vampyrism. Incarnate Kestar are wary of vampyres because we hold the ability too see them as they really are.Disincarnate Kestar I have encountered in a dream sequence not too long ago, and somehow asked for their great wisdom. It was a dream that I only half understood at the time I had it. I can not tell you how scared everyone was in the dream around me, and I felt frozen in place. Disincarnate kestar are different than Incarnate kestar, because the D. Kestar can kill you in dreams if they want too, but the branch I encountered didn't seem too be that way. I. Kestar don't have any ability like they did in the home realms except for the reiki. It may feel like it is healing you, but it is really just allowing them too use their energy too absorb your abilities too power them. Once they absorb your ability you don't have it anymore, or you have too rebuild your use of it.

You will notice, should you encounter an I. Kestar in this realm, that their Shadowself (because an Incarnate Kestar can not astral project, as they have no aura and no astral spirit. The Shadowself is their astral spirit!) seems too have a mind of its own. It inks across the room, wrapping itself over everyone and everything. Plus it feels very annoying and hot. Like vampyres use their minds too probe a person's thoughts, a kestar's shadowself will seperate from them and travel about the room, laying itself on everything.\par The Kestar are also an offshot cousin race of the Kemeti and Shi'ri races. Some Kestar try too pose as Animalkin because not many awakened people know about The Kemeti, Or Kestar, so they think, "Well I can fake it off like this.." when they aren't animalkin in any form or matter. I can tell the differences. When I say Shi'ri races, I mean The purebred Shi'ri races, and not the hybrid Shi'ri races.

3. Fra'kar - Faerie people. When people think of faerie folk they automatically think of Ireland and Scotland and Wales. Don't please. That was after the Fra'kar, and that was here on Earth. True yes, many of us Fra'kar were later born into The Tuatha De Dannan and the Formorrians (Picts and Children of the Morrigan) Fra'kar are tall, beautiful, enchanting human looking people. We did not have wings, but we did magicks all the time because magick was a way of life, it was everywhere. At least one essance in all the becomings is Fra'karian. (Fray-Car) We are the people of the Fray. This means of the veil and of war. Never have been faerie been peaceful. Fra'kar is the word for ourselves because I found when I called myself fae or sidhe (shee), people always thought "ok its another irish lover" and I do love Ireland and Pre-celtic things, but I am Fra'kar. It's evident in my eyes, and my hair (or was before it was dyed black). Our home realm is more than Annwyn or TirNanog as I have come too find out. It's evident in my abilities: I am very advanced seer, telepath and empath, and these abilities just keep on growing.

4. Dra'gar - (drey-gjear) Dragons. People are always quick too dismiss dragons because they say "Their bones have never been found." Yes because Dragons were not Physical Beings. They were Elementis Beings. Made up of the purest glowly essances, and most dragons that existed then did not enter a cycle of existance and have never incarnated, and those that say they are dragons, aren't factional dragons. Dragons held a supreme amount of ability, magick and power, that I don't think could be held outright in a humanoid body, even if that bodies inhabitant is an otherkin soul. Yes because a dragon's power would end up blowing that body and mind too bits astrally. That is why Dragon essances come in it seems Installments as in the Becomings. I have Dragon essance in me. I don't nessecarly think I am a dragon, and I astrally can shift into it and fly and spit fire. No because I don't think all dragons flew and not all of them spit fire either. My dragon essance is different. I have wisdom like a Dragon I do know that for sure, and my dragonic nature has strengthened my emotions when I was in desperate need of it. Its crazy because I have asked dragons what they remember, and most of them remembered nothing. That can be very frustrating because you know they are just roleplayers. I know I am not making this stuff up, I am not this Imaginative. lol

5. Shi'ri- Offshot race of Dra'gar and Wyldefromi blended into one, along with The Kemeti race. Their race had similar beings too becomings who had four essances, they had A'lyerns, who were made up of three chosen essances. The royal Shi'ri (Shee-righ, it means "Elders") colors were Indigo/Purple and the stone was Amethyst, which looks like a Shi'ri word now that I see it. +gglz+\par High mages of weather magicks, very adept at causing storms, especially thunderstorms.\par Also supreme Illusionists, and of soul alchemy, aka transmogrification.

6. Sovereign/Prince - A Sovereign is like a governeress of a province, or "mayor", or a Senator. It is nothing like today's Queen, nor ruler. A Sovereign did not rule her people. She guided them, she helped them, she worked for them, not them for her.There were no taxes or money in our home realms.\par No greed for personal domain and seats of power. A Prince is the same, yet the male equal too a Female Sovereign. (Sov-rhen) Sovereigns are made, not voted in. Someone can't up and say "Well I don't want you for a Sovereign! I want your job!" A Sovereign is that person's destiny. It can't be undone. You can either do what's called of you, or you can attempt too deny it. I suppose if someone is not doing the job of their realm or people, someone else who seems proper can be given that job but that's a very serious matter. Since "Ka'lecht" is not present on this realm, I am faced with the job of helping faf'nir's folks as well. But so far I don't and have not met anyone else from that realm. (that knows who they are anyway)

7. Celestari- Wyldefromi term for Celestial. Oracles, Seers. Those who are becomings were (like in my case) a former Celestari who gave up their Etheral Body and Immortal life too enter the cycles of existance and creation for a higher purpose and calling. Celestari live on the Celestial planes, which can be compared too Isyr's planes, and wear clothing similarly too Delphi greeks and protect buildings which are built similar too the greeks as well, which house Ancient laws of Everything, Memories, The Akashic Records (yes they are real), future lives, past lives, and other things that can not be known. This my friends are as high on the evolution of soul as you can get. Even mankind as in normal, humans and mortals were here at one time, but man got greedy, he got jealous, and tried too take it all over, thus creating the need for magick, other species, and the cycles of existance.

8. Dru'ia (dru-Ah) - Ancestors of the druids in Grael, but if possible more experienced and more powerful. Creators of the Theories on Glyph travel, and Creating Becomings. Very detached beings, trading emotions for the perfected study of holding magick within them as they did.

9. Wyldefromi - Elves of Grael. Technically just like the Daoine Sidhe of Ireland (deena shee) warrior elves that looked more faerie than anything else. Wyldefromi had earth tones and hues for auras, held the power of elements in their names and could manipulate them at will. Some such as the Van'mor'ri folk, could manipulate storms as well. Their auras in general could sweep pain away and bring a deep peace. It seems their gift is too take trouble or pain from a distressed person and replace it with their own inner peace. They are a beautiful people and from what I can tell, most of them are male.

10. Van'Mor'ri - (Vi-mor-rye) The first vampyric family ever. Many vampire sites try and say we came out of egypt, or romania, or just from today's culture. Nooooooo, people! Vampires have always been since otherkin were! They were just called something else. Van'mor'ri means "People Of the Essance". That is what blood and energy is, essance. of course too everyone else at the time who wasn't van'mor'ri, they were seen as dark kin who weren't said too be trusted, taboo and forbidden. As law stated by the High Council A Magickal being must not take another magickal being's life, as in killing, and another magickal being must never drink the blood of another magickal being. This was using the magicks wrongly. Because someone who was smart new it created painful blood bonds that amoung the most abled of us wound never be broken, for all time, and these wreak the most unforgivable havoc.

11. A'leryn - What Therian was. Equal too a Fra'kar becoming on The Shi'rian side of things. But made up a traid or three difference essances.

Copyright © The Fra'kar Nation. Written up by Anara. All Rights Reserved. This thing was a pain in the ass too get typed up and transferred over too the web. Please I hope you appreciate it and enjoy it. I hope it helps too. This was all written down too hopefully help some people remember more about who they are, and other people they know. I'd also like too thank Arian for her contributions too.